I was turning 50 last year and my brother just gave me an envelope with a phone number on it. It was a bit freaky, like that Game movie with Michael Douglas. I gave it a try anyway and when I dialed the number I realized that it was Big Goal Hunting that my brother booked me a trip with. I was incredibly excited because I heard from some hunting friends of mine all about that agency and how they organize these incredible hunting trips around the world. I just never had the money to book myself one of their trips. My brother took care of that and the following month, I was on a plane with one of their best guides and we were heading for Africa, Namibia to be precise. When we landed, we were greeted by a local guy, a friend of my Big Goal Hunting guide obviously and a very funny guy. He took us to this reserve in his jeep and when I got there, I could not believe the accommodation. It was like something from the 1800s, but in a fancy way, you know, colonial times. But never mind. The next morning, the three of us went out into the wilderness and that is where I have to stop writing about it because I have tears in my eyes. It was the most beautiful and the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me and I cannot explain how life-changing that trip was. Thanks Big Goal Hunting for opening my eyes and showing me the world.

Gordon Banks, Las Vegas

My buddies and I were always crazy about hunting and we always wanted to go hunt in Europe. Last year, we finally mustered up the cash and we went to Big Goal Hunting, see if they have something for us. They had just the thing. They offered a long hunting trips around Europe, visiting five countries and hunting for wild animals and bird there. It was not the cheapest thing in the world, but it was so incredibly done that we felt we could spend the rest of our lives hunting around Europe and checking out some of the greatest places in the world.


My husband and I share the love for hunting and it was our 10th anniversary last year. My husband decided to do something really special and he booked us a hunting trip to Argentina with Big Goal Hunting. Their guide was the most expert guide I can imagine and the trip itself was just mind-bending. We saw so much of Argentina and we did such great hunting that we did not want to come back home. It was a once in a lifetime experience that we will never forget.

Emily and Jack Stone, Phoenix, AZ

The first and the foremost thing that you can expect from Big Goal Hunting is that you will have the time of your life and that you will get in touch with nature, yourself and the primal nature of oneself that is hidden in all of us. In order [...] Continue Reading…

Big Goal Hunting is a specialized agency that organizes hunting trips anywhere in the world and when we say anywhere, we mean anywhere. We specialize solely ion hunting trips and with years of experience, we are the most exclusive and the most efficient hunting agency in the United States.

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